Asylum, immigration, free movement of people

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Useful texts

European union

Consolidated versions of the Treaty on European Union and of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, together with the annexes and protocols thereto (Lisbon Treaty) (1.34 Mo)

Charter of fundamental rights of the European Union (Official Journal version 2010) (753.83 ko)

Strategic Guidelines on the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice adopted by the June 2014 European Council (OJEU version) (374.55 ko)

Council of Europe

European Convention on Human Rights (Council of Europe) (1.20 Mo)

United Nations

Geneva Convention and Protocol relating to the status of refugees (UNHCR) (476.01 ko)

International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights ( (82.37 ko)

Convention on the Rights of the Child ( (112.42 ko)

UNHCR Global Report 2020 (16.65 Mo)

UNHCR - Global Trends 2020 (6.57 Mo)


European Asylum Support Office (EASO): "Article 15(c) Qualification Directive 2011/95/EU - A Judicial Analysis" (1.69 Mo)


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