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European immigration policy is organized around two main themes.

The first theme concerns the area of ​​free movement. According to Article 77 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU), the Union is competent to adopt rules relating to the absence of internal border controls, the management of external borders and short stay visa policy.

The second theme concerns common immigration policy. Article 79 TFEU defines the areas in which the EU can act. The EU may adopt rules relating to the conditions of entry and residence, the definition of the rights of third country nationals residing legally, illegal immigration and unauthorised residence, and combating human trafficking.

The rules adopted in these areas are included in the immigration menu under the tabs:

  • Border Management
  • Short-stay visas
  • Admission and stay
  • Irregular immigration
  • Return of migrants in an irregular situation


Consolidated versions of texts:

Several texts have been modified. However, where text B has introduced modifications in text A, two different texts still exist: the original text and the one or the ones which modify this text. In order to havebetter access to the applicable rules, proposes a consolidated version of the modified texts, i.e. a merged version of all relevant texts. However, underlines with respect to these consolidated versions

  • consolidated versions appear always at the top of the category selected with the following warning CONSOLIDATED VERSION
  • these consolidated versions are not official texts. Solely texts published in the Official Journal of the European Union (available under pdf format on Seuls les textes publiés au Journal Officiel de l'Union européenne (et disponibles en pdf en cliquant sur l'onglet ) are official versions.
  • consolidated versions are avaiable in pdf format as they are made available on Eur-Lex website.

Annexes to the texts:

Seeral texts are accompanied with one or several annexes which somtimes contain prints or images which are impossible to reproduce in html part of the Website.

Users may however have acces to the annexes via the official version of the texts which is available in pdf format under the following sign.


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