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COUNCIL DIRECTIVE 2005/85/EC of 1 December 2005 on minimum standards on procedures in Member States for granting and withdrawing refugee status

1.   Member States shall ensure that applicants for asylum have the right to an effective remedy before a court or tribunal, against the following:


a decision taken on their application for asylum, including a decision:


to consider an application inadmissible pursuant to Article 25(2),


taken at the border or in the transit zones of a Member State as described in Article 35(1),


not to conduct an examination pursuant to Article 36;


a refusal to re-open the examination of an application after its discontinuation pursuant to Articles 19 and 20;


a decision not to further examine the subsequent application pursuant to Articles 32 and 34;


a decision refusing entry within the framework of the procedures provided for under Article 35(2);


a decision to withdraw of refugee status pursuant to Article 38.

2.   Member States shall provide for time-limits and other necessary rules for the applicant to exercise his/her right to an effective remedy pursuant to paragraph 1.

3.   Member States shall, where appropriate, provide for rules in accordance with their international obligations dealing with:


the question of whether the remedy pursuant to paragraph 1 shall have the effect of allowing applicants to remain in the Member State concerned pending its outcome;


the possibility of legal remedy or protective measures where the remedy pursuant to paragraph 1 does not have the effect of allowing applicants to remain in the Member State concerned pending its outcome. Member States may also provide for an ex officio remedy; and


the grounds for challenging a decision under Article 25(2)(c) in accordance with the methodology applied under Article 27(2)(b) and (c).

4.   Member States may lay down time-limits for the court or tribunal pursuant to paragraph 1 to examine the decision of the determining authority.

5.   Where an applicant has been granted a status which offers the same rights and benefits under national and Community law as the refugee status by virtue of Directive 2004/83/EC, the applicant may be considered as having an effective remedy where a court or tribunal decides that the remedy pursuant to paragraph 1 is inadmissible or unlikely to succeed on the basis of insufficient interest on the part of the applicant in maintaining the proceedings.

6.   Member States may also lay down in national legislation the conditions under which it can be assumed that an applicant has implicitly withdrawn or abandoned his/her remedy pursuant to paragraph 1, together with the rules on the procedure to be followed.

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