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23.06.2020 – European Parliament (EPRS) - Study - Dublin Regulation

Analysis of the implementation of the various provisions of the Dublin Regulation

The Dublin Regulation aims at determining which Member State is responsible for examining an asylum application and ensuring that each claim gets a fair examination in one Member State. In 2015, asylum application numbers increased considerably, putting a strain on the Common European Asylum System (CEAS). In this context, the procedures engendered by the application of the Regulation have been put to an unprecedented test.

This study presents an analysis of the implementation of the various provisions of the Regulation. It shows many weaknesses in their current application. In particular, the initial aim of the Regulation (i.e. swift and fair access to asylum procedure in a single Member State) is not being achieved and the extent to which the rights of asylum-seekers are ensured is far from satisfactory.

EPRS - Study - Dublin Regulation (1.91 Mo)

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