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18.06.2021 – European Migration Network - Annuel Report 2020

The European Migration Network (EMN)'s Annual Report on Migration and Asylum provides an overview of key migration-related developments and common trends in the EU Member States and Norway in 2020.

Areas of focus in the report include legal migration, international protection, minors and vulnerable groups, integration, citizenship and statelessness, visa and Schengen governance, return and readmission, and migration and development cooperation.

EMN - Annual Report 2020 (1.18 Mo)

Key trends identified within the report include:

  • The number of legal migrants and asylum applicants arriving in the EU in 2020 decreased substantially compared with 2019 (due to COVID-19);
  • Member States were differently affected by the COVID-19 pandemic depending on their epidemiological situation and on their national systems. In some countries, new electronic systems and digital tools were introduced to ensure the maintenance of asylum and migration processes amidst restricted office hours or office closures and physical distancing measures;
  • Member States undertook procedural changes to handle the admission of highly skilled and essential workers amid COVID-19 restrictions;
  • Better migration management was a common theme in development at EU and national level, in accordance with the Commission’s new Pact on Migration and Asylum (which stresses the importance of effective and efficient procedures, systems and cooperation across all areas);
  • The protection of asylum seekers and refugees was an area of considerable development in legislation and policy at EU and national level during 2020;
  • The UK’s official departure from the EU led to the implementation of measures to regulate the legal status of UK nationals and their family members in Member States.


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