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Upcoming end October 2016 a brand new version of the website with more content


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The experts from the EuropeanMigrationLaw.eu team, as well as invitees, will regularly provide for short analyses on developements taking place at EU and national level regarding immigration, asylum and integration.


Viewpoint(s) n° 3 – The Schengen area in crisis: the temptation of reinstalling borders

Yves Pascouau


30 years after its launch and nearly 20 years after its effective opening, the Schengen Area is under challenge and Member States are sorely tempted to withdraw behind their national borders. To protect the area the challenge comprises the implementation of a series of measures that will enable the strengthening of the external border in its role as a filter and in terms of security cooperation. This requires political determination together with a transfer of sovereignty.


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ON THE MOVE - Radio Show - Euradionantes/Institut Jacques Delors/EuropeanMigrationLaw.eu


Human mobility, whether forced or voluntary, welcomed or feared, shapes our societies. The programme "On the Move" seeks to analyse this phenomenon, which is currently at the top of international and European agendas. Each month, Yves Pascouau will meet relevant players to discuss their experiences and viewpoints regarding asylum, immigration, freedom of movement and integration issues. "On the move" is organised in partnership with the Delors Institute and EuropanMigrationLaw.eu.



Website : http://www.euradionantes.eu/emission/on-the-move


Show #1 - Enrico Letta, Former Italian Prime Minister

Show #2 - Jean Asselborn, Minister of Foreign and European Affairs, Minister of Immigration and Asylum of Grand Duchy of Luxemburg

Show #3 - Jean-Yves Carlier, Professor, Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgium)








Knowing EU immigration and asylum law for a better protection of rights


Legal practitioners and other professionals working in the field of asylum and immigration law use and implement rules that flow from a variety of national and international sources including the Council of Europe and European Union (EU)


EU directives and regulations occupy a central place in this legal tangle:



  • They create rights for migrants and obligations for the Member States;
  • They are based on and at times go beyond the protection guaranteed by international instruments;
  • They prevail over national law under the principle of EU primacy.



In this complex context, legal and other professionals can often struggle to keep on top of constantly evolving rules and their interpretation by the Court of Justice of the EU.


The website www.europeanmigrationlaw.eu has been created to respond to their needs. Aimed at judges, lawyers, trade unions, social workers, NGOs, governments, international organisations, academics, researchers, etc. it is a useful tool that offers direct, simple and updated information on legal and jurisprudential developments in the field of asylum and immigration.



EuropeanMigrationLaw.eu proposes a direct and up to date access to:



  • Regulations and directives

    The main regulations and directives adopted in the field of asylum and migration.


  • Jurisprudence CJEU

    Case law of the jurisprudence of the European Court of Justice in the field of immigration and asylum.


  • Jurisprudences Sheets

    Jurisprudence sheets stating the facts, the Court's reasoning and the practical implications of the judgement (available soon).


  • Reports and Documents

    European Commission's reports and documents regarding the implementation of texts listed.


  • Monitoring Legislation

    Subscribtion to a system for monitoring legislation and case law in the field of asylum and immigration.



All information listed in EuropeanMigrationLaw.eu is available in English and French.



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